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Our Chiropractor in Kitchener, ON Treats Acute & Chronic Back Pain Naturally

Dr. Steven Murdoch is a trusted chiropractor in Kitchener ON who has met thousands of people from our community struggling with back pain. This common condition affects around 80% of people across the globe at least once!

back pain treatment at chiropractor

Different Types of Upper, Middle, and Lower Back Pain

Many different health conditions can cause back pain in the upper, middle, and lower spine. Common diagnoses include:

  • Radiculopathy: a spinal nerve root becomes compressed or damaged near the spine, and may cause pain, numbness, and tingling in an arm or leg as well as back pain 
  • Muscle Strains & Ligament Sprains: spinal muscles and ligaments can easily become irritated and damaged due to acute trauma, overuse, or repetitive movement
  • Joint Dysfunction: back pain can be caused by damaged spinal joints due to conditions like osteoarthritis, stenosis, and subluxations
  • Disc injuries: a spinal disc can herniate or bulge out of place, or may wear down overtime (degenerative disc disease)

Causes of Back Pain

Whenever possible, knowing what's contributing to your back pain will help you control symptoms and prevent recurring problems. Beyond high quality diagnostic techniques and services, our Kitchener chiropractor relies on patient history taking to identify common risk factors, like:

  • Posture: especially when sitting over a desk, using your phone, sleeping, and performing common work or household duties
  • Career: sedentary office workers as well as physical laborers are both at risk for back pain due to the stress of their occupational tasks (e.g., excessive sitting, frequent heavy lifting, repetitive movement, etc)
  • Personal injury: auto accident, sports injury, work injury, or other types of slips and falls in the home and community can lead to an acute episode of back pain

Even a prior history of back pain or injury can increase your risk of having it again. The sooner you seek care for your symptoms, the more likely you will be able to find a lasting solution to your pain!

Treating Lower, Middle, and Upper Back Pain with Chiropractic Care

At our chiropractic clinic, back pain treatment is:

  • Tailored to the individual. 
  • Focuses on healing the injured spine and maximizing whole body health through services like chiropractic adjustments and corrective exercises.
  • Aims to identify and address hidden factors contributing to your symptoms (e.g., hamstring shortness, weak core muscles, poor posture, etc.). 
  • Alleviates symptoms naturally and without drugs or invasive procedures!

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