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Sports Injury Treatments in Kitchener

Trusted Sports Injury Treatments

Here at Fairway Chiropractic Centre in Kitchener, ON, we specialize in chiropractic care for comprehensive health and wellness. This includes sports injury treatment for patients of all ages. Whether you are suffering from a traumatic sports injury or a repetitive use condition, we can assist you. Start your journey to wellness with this information from our sports injury chiropractor.

Athletes involved in physically demanding sports like jumping, running, and tackling are exposed to a number of injury risks. During rigorous training and in the game proper itself, you’re likely to develop tears, stains, and sprains that can cause extreme pain. Regular visits to a chiropractor are key to the treatment and prevention of sports injury.

Sport chiropractors provide treatments for common injuries to the back, shoulder, knee, and ankle. They’re experts in manually adjusting the spine and making sure the bones are properly balanced, easing up tension in the body. Reducing tension and maintaining bone alignments help the body to function better and be less prone to injury. Under a sport injury rehab program, chiropractors apply effective techniques to improve or restore joint and muscle function, minimize inflammation, and reduce pain.

Trusted Sports Injury Treatments

What Are the Most Common
Sports Injuries a Chiropractor Treats?

We treat musculoskeletal injuries that include neck injuries and whiplash, as well as muscle strains, torn ligaments, and rotator cuff injuries. We also help patients who have a herniated or bulging disc as a result of back injuries from sports. Other sports injuries we treat include concussions, upper back pain, sciatic nerve pain, and repetitive use injuries. This includes tennis elbow, ACL tears, groin pulls, hamstring strains, and ankle sprains.

How Does a Chiropractor
Rehabilitate Sports Injuries?

We start by diagnosing a sports injury using a comprehensive chiropractic evaluation. This may include x-rays, depending on your medical condition and concerns. We use this information to provide you with a personalized treatment program using an array of chiropractic treatments.

What Kind of Chiropractic Treatments
Aid in Sports Injury Treatment?

When you visit our chiropractor we provide you with the best sports injury treatment for your particular condition. This may include regular chiropractic adjustments or spinal decompression. We also use soft tissue and massage therapy, as well as nutritional counselling and lifestyle modification advice. The goal is to provide you with a holistic program that will help you with pain management while you recover from your sports injury.

What Do I Do if I am Injured?

When you’re experiencing pain due to a recent injury or accident, seek medical attention right away. Consult with a sports injury chiropractor when:

  • You are suffering from extreme pain, swelling, and numbness
  • It’s difficult to put weight on the injured area
  • You can feel increasing pain and swelling in the affected area
  • It’s difficult to achieve balance in a recently injured area

Start Sports Injury Treatment in Kitchener, ON

Start your sports injury treatment and rehab here at Fairway Chiropractic Centre in Kitchener, ON. Our goal is to help you achieve all-natural pain relief through chiropractic care. We offer massage therapy as part of our physical therapy and chiropractic services. Call our chiropractor at 519-748-5535 to schedule your appointment for treating sports injuries like concussions, whiplash, herniated discs, or lower back pain.


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