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Dr. Steven Murdoch

Reviews By Our Satisfied Patients

  • "Steve Murdoch is one of the best Chiropractor I have ever met. He has adjusted both myself and my husband and my son. During my whole entire pregnancy he adjusted me which was amazing. Since all my labour pain ended up being all in my back. He is honest and trust worthy. He will only adjust you in you need it, he is not one of these doctors that wants you to keep spending your money. He is truly caring and loves his practice. He is definately the one to go see if you need adjustments. I totally trust him with my live and the lives of my family as well."
  • "Steve is an awesome chiropractor knows his stuff and is always going to semminars on weekends and holidays to keep up on all the advances in his field i have fibro and if it were'nt for Steve i'd be in a wheelchair by now going to him has helped that i am able to keep somewhat mobile ,i was in a car accident in 2003 and got whiplash the first thing i did was call a paramedic friend he told me to go to my chiropractor and i was in to see him within 5 min and every day after for 2 months then down to every other and then once a week where i am at now thanks to Steve i can walk and do things i could,t do before as my spine and hips are shot but he adjusts me and it helps till the next time he is such an awesome and knowledgeable Dr. If you need a chiropractor go to Steve he is truly caring and unstanding and will do everything he can to help you feel better."
  • "If you are looking for fast, friendly and informative service, Fairway Chiropractic Centre in the place for you. From severe headaches to sciatic nerve pain Dr. Murdoch has provided me with unparalleled relief. I have learned valuable information that I continue to use on a daily basis to ensure an active and healthy lifestyle. An added bonus is that the Centre's hours are very accommodating which is a great help during a busy work week. I strongly recommend the services provided at Fairway Chiropractic Centre. Thanks again Dr. Murdoch"
    Scotty G
  • "I have been going to Fairway Chiropractic for many years. I am a strong believer in Chiropractic Health. Dr. Steve and staff operate an environment that not only provides top notch health care but also educates the patients along the way. I have no hesitations in recommending Fairway Chiropractic. Thanks
    Dr. Murdoch cured me!"
    Thomas S
  • "I am very happy to have found Fairwaiy Chiropractic. A Friend referred me, as I was in constant pain from various sports injuries. I had tried 2 other chiropractors and many physiotherapists before. Within 5 visits to Dr, Murdoch I was pain free. I now see him once a month and have been pain free for over 4 years. Thank you."
  • "I suffered Headaches for years and he helped me tremendously. It just made sense when he explained things to me. My whole family have experienced positive results."
  • "We've had such a wonderful experience here! Started going for a pinched nerve in my back, Steve found the problem immediately and was able to relieve much of the pain. Continued going back to fully resolve that issue and then also throughout my pregnancy.
    My husband had a crooked spine that Steve has been working on and this has helped to relieve much of his neck/headaches.
    My one year old daughter has also had several adjustments.
    Very knowledgeable, respectful, and kind. The receptionists are all so friendly and sweet!
    Highly recommend!"
  • "Amazing. Been to several different chiropractors in the past never did anything for me. This is the best place I've been to hands down. Super knowledgeable and not only did he correct my problem I was having with sciatic, he also found a way to reduce acid reflux I was getting without even mentioning it to him, he pointed it out and fixed it. I'd highly recommend to go here."
  • "I've been dealing with severe head pains for the past 3 months. I've been to multiple doctors that have been just prescribing medication after medication but nothing was working and not to mention, making my body feel worse. I found Dr. Murdoch through google and I couldn't be happier! The receptionists are always super helpful and friendly and the place is very clean and relaxing. Dr. Murdoch not only stopped my headaches, he taught me a lot about my body. He's very professional and makes you feel very comfortable. I highly suggest visiting Dr. Murdoch!"
  • "Dr. Steven Murdoch has been my fourth chiropractor, the way he has adjusted and corrected my body has been an incredible positive experience. A year and a half ago I left him to go to my fifth chiropractor (which was 5 min away from my home). I was not happy, I begin to feel the same way with my first three chiropractors. I returned to Steve to tell him my story and now my body is back to feeling great again. Go see Steve, he is honest, hardworking, and the most straight up guy you'd ever meet and more important of all, he will set you on a path towards recovery."


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